Understanding what is UNSPSC code for punchout and hosted catalogs

The UNSPSC code is the – “wait there’s one more thing” of the eProcurement world. But what is UNSPSC code?

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code-or UNSPSC for short-is a coding system used to describe products and services in a common way rather than using a vendor’s internal catalog or description.

Oh, and it’s required for all punchout products.

In eProcurement it’s typically used to do things like quickly measure spend across a particular commodity (e.g copier paper – UNSPSC 14111507).

Classifying your products can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.  Depending on your product offering you may be able to apply one or a small sub-set of UNSPSC codes to your products.

In some cases your client’s eProcurement platform may require that UNSPSC codes be mapped system-wide.  In these cases, they may provide you with a pre-set selection of UNSPSC codes for your product offering. 

Your CoreXpand Punchout Specialist can guide you through this process and provide more time-saving tips to quickly and easily connect you with your customers through punchout. But what is