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Punchout Basics

A punchout catalog (sometimes referred to as a punch out catalog) is a web-based product catalog provided by a particular supplier, customized for a particular buying organization, and created specifically to connect with that company’s eProcurement or purchasing software system. Each punchout catalog contains the customer’s unique items and prices.
A punchout session is created when a buyer selects a vendor from their eProcurement system. The eProcurement system sends a  cXML message with the Punchout Setup Request to the supplier’s eCommerce store, which replies with a Punchout Setup Response.  The Punchout Setup Response message includes the URL for the web page dedicated to the buying organization, or, in the case of a Level 2 punchout, to a specific product page.  This initiates the punchout session.
A vendor punchout catalog is a seller’s eCommerce store that has been connected to a buyer’s eProcurement system via a punchout integration
To make an Ariba catalog, a seller must connect their eCommerce store to the buyer’s Ariba eProcrement system via a punchout integration.
A punch out ordering system is the same as a punchout catalog.  It is a web-based connection between a seller’s eCommerce store and a buyer’s eProcurement system.  The punch out catalog allows buyers to purchase directly from sellers via their eProcurement system. 
To create a punchout catalog it is important to understand that punchout catalogs vary from supplier to supplier based on the supplier’s capabilities and the buying organization’s requirements.  Providing a useful punchout catalog that delivers an intuitive buying experience requires expertise in punchout integrations.
Punchout catalogs vary from supplier to supplier based on the supplier’s capabilities and the buying organization’s requirements. For this reason, the ability to provide useful, intuitive punchout catalogs, with innate flexibility, is key. In other words, punchout integrations are not a one-size-fits-all process.
Sophisticated punchouts utilize a standardized internet protocol, called cXML, which is designed specifically for enterprise communication between eProcurement applications and eCommerce suppliers. The protocol allows real-time dialogue between an eProcurement system and a supplier’s e-commerce website.
While all punchouts provide a storefront entry point, level 2 punchouts allow the buyer to search for vendors’ products directly from their eProcurement system in a manner that’s similar to the way consumers search for products online. Buyers can search across multiple vendors, use keyword searches, and archive favorites. Most organizations with level 2-capable procurement software require and/or desire level 2 punchouts to simplify and enhance the buying and selling experience.
An eProcurement system (sometimes styled as “electronic procurement” or “supplier exchange”) is an online interface or networked system that facilitates the purchase of goods and services for a specific buying organization. eProcurement systems like SAP, Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, Jaggaer, Workday, and Vroozi, are designed to increase purchasing efficiency and effectiveness.


Yes! Our adaptable service platform can connect to any and all eProcurement systems. Our punchouts work with all eProcurement systems including SAP, Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, Jaggaer, Workday, Vroozi, and any other.
PunchOutCX is a custom solution tailored to your particular needs and offers a variety of add-ons. Request a demo to start a conversation with one of our punchout professionals to describe your needs and discuss pricing.
It can! eInvoicing is an option that can be added to your PunchOutCX solution.
It can! Our multi-vendor quoting tool, AgoraQuote is an option that can be added to your PunchOutCX solution.
PunchoutCX is the punchout catalog solution from Corexpand, which has been delivering eCommerce software and integrations for more than 20 years. Our solutions have served thousands of businesses, millions of users, and processed billions of dollars in online transactions.

We’ve worked with suppliers of all types and sizes, from small businesses and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have implemented PunchOutCX with the largest B2B buying organizations on the most sophisticated eProcurement platforms, as well as with buyers who are not as far along in the digital transformation of procurement. PunchOutCX means adaptability, experience, and reliable back-end power.

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